5 Best online platforms to hunt for jobs in Canada

Platforms to look for jobs in Canada

Job search engines are web platforms develops for both employers and those seeking out for jobs to meet. A job opportunity is posted by company on job hunting website, and job seeker or hunter opt-in to get a new position and earn money per week or monthly.

Hello guys! In this article, I’ve curated the list of five best websites in Canada to hunt for jobs. The Canadian online job platforms includes:

  1. Simply Hired (simplyhired.ca)
  2. Eluta (eluta.ca)
  3. Career Builder (careerbuilder.ca)
  4. Google Careers (careers.google.com)
  5. Job Bank (jobbank.gc.ca/home)

These highlighted websites have more than a thousand listed jobs awaiting for you to apply. So, if you’re seeking out for jobs in Canada, here top 5 best websites to hunt for jobs.

Ever since the Coronavirus Pandemic started in 2019, alot has been happening in Canada. Many people stay indoors due to lockdown that’s used to curtail the spread of the virus.

Many people lost their jobs. Although things are getting back to normal, but it’s still hard to get a job easily in the country. That’s why I curated this list so that you’ll know the best websites to get jobs easily in Canada.

Hence, this blog post is for you living in Canada or you just migrated to the country or you’re planning to immigrate and secure a job prior to your arrival, you can easily hunt for jobs in Canada on these websites.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired – simplyhired.ca is an online source for those seeking for jobs in Canada. The website is one of the largest in the industry. It has a wide range of jobs that are currently available and recently updated.

site to hunt for jobs in Canada

If you do crave for jobs so badly in Canada, on simplyhired.ca, you will get a wide range of jobs that you can apply, and you’ll finds the best jobs when you hit the “search job” button when hunting for a job.

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Eluta – eluta.ca is another well-known job search engines in Canada. Eluta is an online platform sponsored by over 100 different employers in Canada.

website to hunt for jobs in Canada

The website also has more than 100,000 different jobs listed. Eluta also allow users to post jobs so that interested people hunting for jobs can find and apply. 

However, posting job ads on the website is a paid feature and you’ll be charged a fixed amount. Eluta is one of the best websites to hunt for jobs in Canada. You’ll definitely find a job in Canada when you search on Eluta.

Career Builder

Career Builder – careerbuilder.ca is among the most popular job-hunting websites in Canada. Career Builder offers a platform where users can find their dream jobs without passing through too much stress and without having big working credentials or certificate.

Online site to look for jobs in Canada

Careerbuilder.ca covers a large category of jobs ranging from Office Jobs, Factory Jobs and many more. You can also get both remote and non-remote jobs on this job search engine in Canada.

However, to hunt for job on career builder.ca is a very simple task. You can hunt for jobs on career builder website, and you can also hunt for jobs on the go via the Careerbuilder app.

The provision of good user interface has made careerbuilder.ca one of the best websites to hunt for jobs in Canada in 2023. So, continue to learn more about best sites to seek for jobs in Canada.

Google Careers

Google Careers – careers.google.com is a product of Google LLC. It’s another job search engine that is not only available to Canada, but all over the world.

Google for jobs seeker

However, to use Google Careers to hunt for job in Canada, just type job title in the search box and hit “search”. It’ll bring you the latest listed jobs suggestions within seconds.

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Job Bank

Job Bank – jobbank.gc.ca/home is another great website to hunt for jobs in Canada. Job Bank is well known among Canadians for it amazing dream come true promises.

online sites to hunt for jobs in Canada

The platform has made millions of Canadians get their dream jobs and it’s still helping people to date. Job Bank also have different category of jobs in its database.

Job Bank has a mobile app that let users hunt for job easily. Another amazing fact about this job search engine in Canada is that it’s free, and employers allowed to list their available jobs so people can apply.


Here is the curated list of best job search engines in Canada:

  1. Eluta
  2. Google Careers
  3. Job Bank
  4. Career Builder
  5. Simply Hired

Furthermore, with these job search engines, you can hunt and apply for jobs in Canada without stepping out of your home. Job application and recruitment can be done on employer’s portals.

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