How to Transfer Money from Wema Bank to PalmPay

PalmPay wallet and Wema Bank Transfers

First of all, I want you to know that sending money from Wema Bank to your PalmPay Wallet is a very simple task, and in this post I’ll exploring you through 3 different methods you can use to transfer money from Wema Bank to PalmPay Account. The three (3) payment methods are USSD, mobile app and bank card.

Likewise OPay, PalmPay is an E-payment mobile money app built to find solutions to every financial problems in Nigeria. The payment application is used for transferring money, save money, pay bills, top-up mobile data and airtime, among others. The PalmPay app gives a rewarding financial experience and allows you to control your funds and payments in one dashboard.

Like I said earlier that I’ll explore you through ways of transferring money from Wema Bank to PalmPay Account, without no further Ado, let’s get started. I’m going to be transferring money from Wema Bank to PalmPay wallet using USSD code, Wema Bank Mobile app and Wema Bank ATM card.

Pay to PalmPay using WEMA Bank USSD Code

Here’s how to transfer money from Wema Bank to PalmPay using USSD code.

1. Login your PalmPay Account to the finance mobile application, and tap on “Fund” on the app “Menu”. Tap “USSD” and choose “Wema Bank” as your preferred bank.

2. Next, input the “Amount” you wish to transfer, and a USSD code will automatically generated for you. Copy the USSD code and paste it in your phone dialer and dial it.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete payment to your PalmPay wallet using Wema Bank USSD code. It’s also important to note that code generated from your PalmPay is only valid for 30 minutes before it expires.

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Pay to PalmPay via Wema Bank Debit Card

Here’s how to transfer money from Wema Bank to PalmPay Account using Bank Card.

1. Login to your PalmPay Account on app and tap on “Fund” under the finance app “Menu”. Choose payment via “Bank Card” option and input your “Wema Bank Debit Card details”.

2. Input the amount you wish to transfer and tap on “Pay”. The certain amount will be debited from your Wema Bank Account. However, you may need to authorize the transaction through OTP send as an SMS or through the card PIN.

Pay to PalmPay using Wema Bank Mobile App

Follow these steps to transfer money from Wema Bank to PalmPay Account using Mobile Money App.

1. Login to your Wema Bank Mobile App or ALAT App. Tap on “Transfer” and input your PalmPay Account details as if you’re sending money to other banks.

2. Input your desire “Amount” and select “PalmPay” as the beneficiary bank.

3. Enter your Mobile banking transaction PIN, confirm the transaction and tap on “Pay” to complete the transaction.

Final Thoughts

To transfer to PalmPay Account from Wema Bank is a very simple task. Especially, when you’re using the mobile banking application method, it actually work the way you transfer money from your ALAT app to other banks in Nigeria.

Using the USSD code method is also simple as ABC because code will be generated from PalmPay account dashboard. All you need to do is dial the code on your phone using mobile number that’s registered with Wema Bank, and boom, transaction is completed.

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Making payments to your PalmPay wallet via Wema Bank Debit Card is one of the easiest way to transfer money to your PalmPay account. This can also be done on PalmPay dashboard by inputting your Wema Bank Debit Card details in the box provided and confirm the transfer.

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