Eversend Now Allows You to Send Money from Europe to Africa


Eversend is one of the topping African finance technology institution that enables users to make across border payments, send and receive abroad remittance, and make currency exchange at market rate.

Now, Eversend is using it cross-border money transfers ability to offer Europe-To-Africa remittance. With that, Eversend customers can now instantly send direct cross-border funds from Europe to Africa.

This development is bringing new opportunities to Africans in the diaspora to transfer money affordably and conveniently to family and friends at home. According to Eversend CEO, the fintech is an innovative company that’s thrilled to respond to the needs of its customers.

Eversend: Send Money from Europe to Africa

With this Eversend new opportunities, you can now to top up your Eversend EUR or GBP wallet directly from European and UK bank accounts in 11 European countries including Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

However, sending money from Europe to Africa on Eversend incur for low fees of only 0.5 €/£ + 0.5% of the topped-up amount (max 3€/£). Additionally, Money sent will be instantly add to your wallet immediately the transaction is authenticate.

In a nutshell, you can find your Eversend EUR & GBP wallet using any bank in Europe, and money sent to Africa will be credited instantly after authorization. Meanwhile, a fees of 0.5 €/£ + 0.5% of the credited amount will be charged.

Eversend Europe-To-Africa Countries

Eversend now allows customers in Europe to send money to Africa affordably, providing timely support to their loved ones back home. You can top up your EUR and GBP wallets from the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. More countries will be added soon.

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Additionally, customers in Europe can send money to eight African countries, including Cameroon, Zambia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. In other words, Africans living in those highlighted European countries can seamlessly send money to these African countries with low fees.

How to Fund Eversend EUR & GBP Wallet in Europe

Follow these steps to add money to your Eversend EUR and GBP wallet in any of those European countries.

  • Login to your Eversend Account via App or Web.
  • Navigate the dashboard to access your EUR & GBP wallet.
  • Select “Add Money From Your Bank Account” option.
  • Select “Bank” and “Country
  • Send Payment and Confirm with “Accept Payment” in your Eversend Dashboard.
  • Now, your Wallet has been funded successfully.

After funding your Eversend wallet using the European or UK Banks, you can then proceed to sending money to other Eversend customers in Africa. However, do note that funding your Eversend wallet will incur for 0.5 €/£ + 0.5% of the topped-up amount (max 3€/£).

How to Send Money from Europe to Africa using Eversend

Eversend: Send Money from Europe to Africa

Follow these steps to send money from Europe to Africa:

  • Login to your Eversend Account on App or via Web.
  • Fund your Eversend EUR & GBP wallet.
  • Tap on SEND.
  • Input recipient’s number or use Eversend CashTag.
  • Input Amount and tap Confirm.
  • Double-check the order and tap PAY.

Boom! You’ve successfully sent money home ????


In this digital age, cross border remittance provides many benefits to Africans. Aside the fact that its allow Africans living abroad to send money back to their families and friends at home, it also support economic growth in Africa in the sense that when people send money back home, they are essentially investing in their communities. This money can be used to start businesses, create jobs, and fund infrastructure projects. With this recent development, Eversend is boosting the digital growth of cross border remittance in Africa.

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