PalmPay Cashbox Trial Cash: Everything You Need To Know

PalmPay Cashbox's Trial Cash

Completing daily task is not easy. However, if you’ve successfully make money from the tasks you’ve completed, cashing out your earnings shouldn’t be hassling. Hence, we’re talking about PalmPay Trial Cash in this article. You know PalmPay right? For latest finance updates, join our WhatsApp Channel!

PalmPay is one of the leading mobile money operators licensed in Nigeria by the country Apex bank to carry out banking services to individuals and businesses. So, if PalmPay is a financial institution, what is PalmPay Trial Cash?

The PalmPay Trial Cash is a rewarding feature on the PalmPay App that enables users to earn interest on their flexible savings account with Cashbox. Trial Cash offers earning interest at 16 percent annual rate and the interest earned will be wired to your Cashbox which is available for withdraw.


In this article, we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about PalmPay Trial Cash, Cashbox features and how to withdraw your earnings, eligibility requirements, how to earn on Trial Cash, and rules that’s attached to Trial Cash on PalmPay. Now, let’s get started!

What is PalmPay’s Trial Cash?

Trial Cash on PalmPay is an exclusive reward feature that allows users to earn 16 percent annual interest rate on their flexible savings account every day. Additionally, PalmPay Trial Cash will also allows you to make over N100K for free by completing daily task such as transfer money to another palmpay account, adding funds to your account via bank or agent, funding your betting wallet (e.g Sportybest, and Bet9ja) with N2000 and above.

Trial Cash is a rewarding program on the PalmPay app that allows you to earn money daily when tasks are completed. Money earned will be automatically transferred to Cashbox Account. The Cashbox Account is a flexible savings account that withhold all your task earnings and rewards in the PalmPay app.


However, the most interesting thing about PalmPay’s Cashbox Account is that it let you earn 16 percent interest rate rate annually on your earnings and rewards. Additionally, you can save and invest your money in the cashbox account and withdraw it anytime you wish to use it.

However, it’s important to let you know that earnings earned through Trail Cash on Palmpay will be automatically transfer to your Cashbox for withdrawal, and this is done every morning, You’ll see a notification that pops out on your phone screen informing you how much you’ve earned.

So, if you’re looking for ways to cashout/withdraw your Trial Cash on Palmpay, you’re in the right article. All you need to do is read to the end so that you can get full insights of these Palmpay rewarding features.

Palmpay Cashbox, What is it and How does it Works?

Cashbox is the flexible savings account on the PalmPay App. The Cashbox allows users to earn 16% interest rate per annum and it’s also used to receive all tasks earnings (such as Trial Cash Earnings and Daily Transfer Rewards e.t.c) which is available for withdraw anytime, anywhere.

Another amazing feature about Palmpay Cashbox is that, it’s flexibilities will let you cash out your earnings and rewards, and also deposit funds for savings at your own conveniency and without hassles.


In a nutshell, Cashbox works as a flexible savings account for all task earnings and rewards on PalmPay. With it, you can earn 16% interest annually on your rewards and trial cash earnings. More-so, you can add money to the Cashbox account to start a savings and you’ll also earn interest at 16 percent per annum.

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How does Cashbox Works?

Like we stated earlier that PalmPay’s Cashbox is a savings account on the fintech app that allows you earn interest on your savings and more. The Cashbox actually works by collecting all the earnings and rewards you’ve earned from the daily tasks completed and let you earn 16% APR on them.

If you wish to withdraw your earnings on the cashbox, just login to your PalmPay account, tap on “Transfer Money”, choose your preferred bank and input account number, toggle ON Cashbox as a means of payment, confirm your payment and tap on PAY.


The amount sent will be deducted from your Cashbox account and will be automatically transferred to your submitted account number. However, do note that the Cashbox balance can be withdrawn to any bank account in Nigeria including another PalmPay user’s wallet.

Earn on Trial Cash

Although earning on PalmPay Trial Cash is simple, but at the same time, there are some certain eligibility requirements you must meet to start earning free trial cash on the money app. Once you pass the eligibility trial, you can earn up to N100,000 free trial cash by completing tasks on the Palmpay App.

Eligibility Requirements

If you want to part take in Cashbox Trial Cash, you must adhere to these rules:

  • You must not carryout transfer to transfer for the purpose of earning trial cash. If you do, trial cash will only be given to users who make the first transfer.
  • Don’t use a bank verification number (BVN) to register more than one Palmpay account. Because accounts sharing a BVN will be identifies as a single account.
  • Don’t sign in multiple PalmPay accounts on a device, because multiple accounts signed on a device will be treated as single user.
  • Make sure you render your accurate and not duplicated personal information such as full legal names as it appear on your BVN and government issued ID cards.
  • Make sure your image is not tarnished in any reward incentive programs, if it does, you won’t be eligible for the Cashbox Trial Cash.
  • Don’t involve yourself in any forms or act of sabotage.
  • You must also adhere to Palmpay’s terms and conditions.
  • Lastly, you must obey the rules laid down by the Nigeria’s Government concerning Reward Incentive Programs.

Additionally, it’s essential to inform you that Blooms Microfinance Bank (MFB) withhold all the rights to modify the Cashbox Interest Rate, its available durations, its distribution rules and other parts of Trial Cash. So, it’s advisable to keep update these informs on the PalmPay App.

Trial Cash Tasks

To earn trial cash on PalmPay, you have to complete daily tasks and the tasks includes:

  1. Daily Transfer to other PalmPay Account/User
  2. Daily Adding of Funds To Your PalmPay Wallet via Bank or Agents.
  3. Daily Funding of Sport Betting Account e.g Sportybet, Nairabet and Bet9ja with minimum of N2K

With these three tasks, I’m glad to tell you that you can earn up to N100K trial cash per month on the PalmPay App. Although, there are more tasks in the app but they only come on promotions. These three are the active and permanent ones.

How to Earn Trial Cash on PalmPay

You can earn trial cash on Palmpay simply by completing tasks such as daily funds transfer to other Palmpay user, daily funding of your PamPay wallet, and daily adding of money (N2000 and above) to your betting account. With these, you can earn over a hundred thousand naira (N100,000) free trial cash on the Palmpay app per month.


You will also earn 16% interest rate on your earnings in the Cashbox account. However, do note that, withdrawal can only be carried out on interest earned in the Cashbox. This means that, your trial cash reward cannot be withdrawn, you can only cash out interest generated on it. Meanwhile, for your personal savings in the Cashbox, you can add funds and withdraw it any time.

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How to Access Cashbox in PalmPay App

Follow these steps to access Cashbox dashboard in your PalmPay App.

  • Open your Palmpay App.
  • Look under beneath the dashboard and click on “Invest”
  • In Invest page, you will find “Cashbox”, tap on it.
  • Now, you can see all your interests, earnings and rewards.

These are just the simple process to access your Cashbox on the PalmPay App.

How to Withdraw Cashbox Trial Cash on PalmPay

Follow these steps to withdraw your Cashbox earnings from PalmPay.

  • In your PalmPay Account, tap on “Transfer”.
  • Choose between to withdraw to another PalmPay Account or other Nigerian’s Bank Account.
  • In the next page, enter recipient account number or user-tag
  • Select Bank Name
  • Input Amount
  • Toggle ON Cashbox to use Cashbox’s balance to pay for the transfer.
  • Input your 4-digits transfer PIN and tap on PAY.

Voila, you’ve successfully transfer/withdraw your Cashbox earnings to your bank account.

How to Use Cashbox’s Trial Cash in PalmPay

You can use Trial Cash for many things on the PalmPay App. Trial Cash can be use for purchasing airtime and data on the PalmPay app. More, so, the Trial Cash can be used to complete inter-bank transfer by selecting it as mode of payment and the amount sent will be automatically deducted from your Cashbox balance.


Furthermore, Trial Cash can be use to fund sport betting accounts, pay electricity bills, buy data, recharge cable Tvs and more. In a nutshell, Trial Cash can be use to pay for anything on the PalmPay app as long as you have sufficient funds in your Cashbox account.

However, there are some things you must not do to earn trial cash on PalmPay. First of all, you must adhere to PalmPay terms and conditions and obey Nigeria’s rules regarding reward incentive programs. Also, you must not by any means have more than one PalmPay account or using a single BVN with more than one accounts.


Why can’t I withdraw from my CashBox?

If you can’t withdraw your Cashbox earning, please check out the rules highligted in this article. You might have break one out of it.

Why was cashbox withdrawal declined?

Why a cashbox withdrawal is declined is due to insufficient funds in the account, or your savings have not reach the maturity stage for withdrawal.

How can I withdraw my Trial Cash on Palmpay?

Follow these steps to withdraw your Cashbox Trial cash:

  • Login to your PalmPay Account
  • Tap on “Transfer” tab beneath your screen
  • Enter Benefeciary 10-digits account number and select bank name
  • Input “Amount” and tggle ON cashbox to use its balance.
  • Tap on “PAY”
  • How can I get N10,000 from Palmpay?

    You can earn upto N10,000 per day on the PalmPay App by inviting new users to the fintech app. you can also earn moeny on Palmpay by completing daily tasks and by earning cashbacks from bills payments.


    PalmPay Cashbox Trial Cash is a rewarding feature on the PalmPay app that allows users to earn rewards by completing daily tasks and still earn 16% interest rate for saving their earned rewards. If you still have any question concerning this topic, please go to our Faqs section above to check for related questions or use the comment section below.


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