Sportybet Partner Code: Everything You Need To Know

Sportybet Partner Code

In any businesses around the world, people always looking for a way to partner so that both the business and individual can benefit from each other. The Sportybet Partner Code is a feature on the Sportybet sport gaming platform that mirror other businesses marketing strategies.

The Sportybet Partners and Agents are the people who chose to promote the company’s products and services. Doing these, the company compensate them for their hardworking efforts which can be track through a unique link, also known as Sportybet Partner Code or Sportybet Agent Code.

Sportybet, as a company, is one of the largest e-sport gambling site in the world. Although, it has no physical locations in many country, but it has a large audiences and agents/partners around the global. The company allows individual to bet on their favorite sport e.g virtual football, live soccer game e.t.c.

LSS, in this article, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about Sportybet Partnership Program: agents and partners, it partner codes, example of the partner code and how to become an agent and requirements, and how to become an affiliate and get your partner code. Now, let’s dive straight in.

Sportybet Agent/Partnership Program

Base on our findings and researches, we’ve discovered that joining the Sportybet agents/partners workforce opens up an exciting benefits and opportunities for individuals and busineses. It does not necessarily matter to be a bettor before your can participate in the Sportybet Partners Program.

The Sportybet Partnership Program is offered through agent and affiliate programs. In other words, becoming a Sportybet agent or partner gives you the privilege to promote their products and services through your given unique partner code.

Sportybet Agents are people who chose to promote the company products and services to individual and busineses just like Bet9ja agents. The Sportybet agents are given an agent code which can be use to offer the marketing.

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However, the Sportybet affiliate partners are people who drive traffics and conversation to the company’s website and earn commission referring new bettors.

Now, let dive into the Sportybet’s potential earnings and commission structures, and explanation of some terms about the Sportybet Partner Code.

Sportybet Partner Code

A Sportybet Partner Code is a unique identifier that consist of numbers and alphabets, allowing you to market Sportybet’s services and earn rewards for referring new bettors. The partner code is assigned to individuals for tracking their traffic and conversations.

This is another way to make money on the Sportybet app aside the common betting way. Although, the partner code on the Sportybet App is still at its early stage, many customers have not heard about it. But, just keep in mind that once you have your partner code, you can advertise Sportybet anywhere (including social medias, blogs and emails) through your code and get paid for it.

Meaning that, Sportybet partner code is a unique affiliate link and promo code that can be used to introduce new bettors and earn commission. To become a SportyBet partner and get a partner code, you must first complete an application form. Once your application is approved, you will be assigned a partner code that you can use to promote SportyBet.

Example of Partner Code on Sportybet

Here’s an example of partner code on Sportybet: SPORTYBET100.

When a new customer signs up for a Sportybet account using your partner code for example – SPORTYBET100, you will receive a referral bonus of ₦50. The new bettor whom you referred will also receive a welcome bonus of ₦100.

However, if you want to get a new customer to use your partner code, the person must enter your partner code in the promotion page in his/her sportybet account after registration.

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Here’s how to use partner code on Sportybet:

1. After the successful registration of account, tell your referee to sign into his Sportybet Account, he should navigate the Menu list and tap on Promotion.

2. Next, he should input your partner code: e.g SPORTYBET 100 in the required field and tap Submit. This is just the simple way to use a partner code on Sportybet.

How to get a Partner Code on Sportybet

To check or generate your partner code on the Sportybet app, you must first be an approved partner. Once your partnership application is approved, then you can login to your Sportybet Account’s Partner Dashboard and you’ll find the code located in the top-right corner of the page.

Follow these steps to become a Sportybet partner and obtain a partner code:

  • Visit the Sportybet Partner Page: Navigate to the Sportybet Partner website or access it through the Sportybet app.
  • Complete the Partner Application Form: Carefully fill out the provided partner application form, providing accurate and complete information about yourself or your business.
  • Submit the Application: Once you’ve thoroughly reviewed the application details, submit it for consideration by the Sportybet team.
  • Await Approval: Sportybet will review your application and assess your suitability for the partnership program.
  • Receive Partner Code: Upon successful approval, Sportybet will assign you a unique partner code that you can use to promote Sportybet and earn commissions.

However, it’s important to note that Sportybet carefully selects its partners, ensuring they align with their brand values and responsible gambling practices. In other words, not all partnership application submitted will be approved.

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