Renmoney Loan Calculator

This Renmoney Loan calculator allows you to easily calculate the amount of loan you can get from Renmoney depending on your Employment type and your monthly income.
We’ve also built a widget for this Renmoney Loan Calculator so that you can easily embed it into your website by adding the script to your website’s Head tag.

How to Use the Renmoney Loan Calculator Widget

Copy the script below and add it to your between your head or footer tags

<script src="https://mediumaquamarine-fox-848737.hostingersite.com/tools/renmoney-loan-calculator.js?nocache"></script>

This would automatically import the calculator into the page. Depending on where you place it.

Renmoney Loan Calculator

Renmoney Loan Calculator: Key things to note

  • As an employed person, you can only get a maximum of NGN 6,000,000 from Renmoney according to this loan calculator.
  • As a self-employed individual, the maximum loan amount you can get from Renmoney is NGN 3,000,000.
  • If you’re self-employed, you have access to less amount of loan from Renmoney even if you both earn the same amount of money monthly.
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