How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money

How to start a blog

Everyone is over the internet today to do one or two things. But according to analysis, 60 % of internet user is slooking for one way or the other to make money online. I don’t know why you use internet but if you are reading this post, I’m pretty sure you are here because you want to start your own blog. Blog is quit simple and easy to start when you get it right. 

Don’t bother your self anymore, you are at the right place to learn the best tutorial about how to start a blog with no money(free) and also beginners guilds.

But before I go to the explanatory sections, I want you to understand two things that people blog to make money online and people blogs for passion. Let me know the part you fall in the comment box.
Most people start a blog because they want to make money online. Without much time wasted, let proceeds to the primary reason of this article.

How to start a blog with no money

What to do before starting a blog?

here are some certain things to do or consider before you start a blog. Carefully read the below article and implement it with no rush.

First and foremost, I will talk about

Find Niche

What is a Niche?
A Niche is a topic in which your blog talks about. If you are searching for best Niche, I will recommend you to search between your heart and discover your passion. Because what person is passionate about is the niche one can write most out of it.

There are some profitable Niche out there that one can really make money with. Niche like ; Health, DIY, Tutorial, Travel, Internet Marketing SEO practice etc.

How to do Niche research

Whether you want to blog about your passion or you choose from competitive Niche, you still have to do some Niche research. You have to know your competitors, how many back links they get to their blog, their blog domain authority, On page SEO etc.

When choosing a competitor, don’t go far to beyond your capacity, you that are just starting, don’t choose Neil Patel as your competitor because you will fail. Neil Patel is a high level digital marketer. And also never compare your blog with theirs. For Ex, Hubspot and Neill Patel are to be compare because they are competitors and have high domain authority.

All I’m saying in this section is that when starting a blog, know your competitor and don’t choose competitor too far beyond your capacity. Ex, choose competitor with 45 domain authority and below.

Keyword research

Keyword is necessary in the life of blog as it helps to rank the blog on search engines. Keywords are words that will be the major words your blog will point about. Ex, this blog points to ” Make Money Online ” and this blogpost point to ” Make Money Online Blogging “.
So everything this blog will be talking about is Making Money Online. 
So you have to do keyword research and low search keywords is mostly to get to the top page of search engine first because it will have low competitors. If you write high quality content about it, I’m pretty sure you will drive free traffic to your blog from search engines.
Do to keyword research, I will recommend you to use the following tools 
  • Google keyword planner
  • Ubbersuggest
  • Ahfre
  • MOZ
Those tool is freemium, that is, they offer paid and free account. The free ones can still work for you since you are just getting started.

How to start a blog – definitive  blogging guilds for beginners ( start a blog for free)

To start a blog, you will need a platform to host your blog. Get a domain name if necessary and want to make money from your blog. Also you will use a response template, as it will work well for SEO optimization. Now to analysis it one after the other.

Best hosting platform for starting a blog

1. WordPress

WordPress is the first platform I will be analysing in this article. WordPress is best for blogging as it has some features of content management system(cms). 
WordPress is classified into two part, which are ;
Self hosted (WordPress.org) and
WordPress. Com (company hosted)
These are the two features WordPress offers.
1. Self hosted WordPress blog

WordPress allow its user to install its product on their self hosted server. You can simply do that by buying hosting from WordPress trusted company, like Bluehost, Hostgator, Site ground and Godaddy.
  • Its cheap and affordable
  • One click installation of WordPress
  • Have access to WordPress multiple template
  • Have access to WordPress plugins
  • Monetization
  • You have have full access of your site (self hosted)
  • Hosting provider functionality maybe problem. As some hosting company host there server on cloud. Which will serve better that those that are not cloud storage.
If you are just starting blogging I will recommend you to use Bluehost and if you think that you have become a pro-blogger, then you can migrate to Site ground but more expensive than Bluehost.
2. WordPress. Com

WordPress.com is a blogging platform where you can start your blog for free with limited features until you paid for their offers. 

  • You get free sub-domain for.your blog
  • Some free template can be used
  • Awesome dashboard
  • Hosted on WordPress company
  • The paid plan is more expensive than that of self hosted
  • Limited features for free plan
  • SEO limitations
Note ; paid plan is WordPress.com better that self hosted WordPress plan. So choose wisely

2. Google Blogger platform

Best platform for beginners to start with, Google provide this platform with the aim to let’s people create and publish their passion.
Google created this platform with all the best features needed to create a great content.
Some features of Google blogger
1.Ready made SEO
2. Free Template
3. Access to edit HTML page
4. Free tools to create great and quality contents
5. Access to edit best layout
6. You have your admin dashboard
7. Have access to Google analytics
8. Its free
9. Free sub-domain.
10. You can get your domain and connect it with your blogger blog
Just to mention few of it.

3. Tumble

Tumblr is the second largest blogging platform in the world. Its a micro-blog platform and let its users to have free account and can create a blog.
Tumblr just allow its user to link their custom domain to Tumblr blog. 

4. Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform where you have opportunity to create a space and use you space to answer many question on Quora by creating create content on your space.

How To Optimize Your Blog For SEO

As I said earlier, do Niche and keyword research as it will help in the SERP . In this section, I will add SEO tools that will enable you optimize your blog for SEO.

1. Choose response template

You can only choose templates when using WordPress and Google blogger. By choosing a response template it will really help in SEO Optimization.

2. Back link

Back link is the life of SEO optimization. If you check your competitors back link , you will see many site linked to their blog. That’s what really get them to the top page in SERp.
Back link is the back born for all blog that needs to get the to  high level in SERP and need to be rated for high domain authority.
You can simply get some simple and white hat back link from your social media idles. Share your post to your social media page and you will some cool traffic from there.

3. Post regularly

When you post regularly, the search engines bot will know how passionate you are about your blog.

4. Optimize your image, links

Include AIT text and capture to your image. Also resize your image so that it won’t cause your blog to load slow. Secondly, if you are linking to non-relevant, it will be to mark nofollow link option to the link.
Because if bot finds out your site is reffering to non relevant site, it will damage your SEO.

5. Write quality content

Great quality content also improve SEO. include your keywords from the start of your blog. Use HEARDER where its necessary. Your blogpost must be at least 1500 word lengthy.

6. Connect your blog to Google console

Google console allow Google bot to crawl your blog and make it to be seen on SERP.

How to connect Google console to your blog

  • Create an account with Google console or sign in with your Google account
  • Click the button at the top right corner
    How to setup Google Search Console Step 1

  • Click on add property

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 2

  • Add your blog. You can do that in two ways ; either adding it by using sub-domain

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 3 or by URL 

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 4

    I’d say add your blog to the two property so that it will give better experience.

  • Add site map to your Google console account so that it can optimize your blog post any time you make any change on it.
  • Set you robot txt file
  • Set your robot txt tag, see default below

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 5

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 6

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 7

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 8

    How to setup Google Search Console Step 9

How To Monetize Your Blog and Make Money Online

This section is the most searched in search engines. Many people are looking for a way to monetize their blog. To monetize a blog is the most easy part in blog’s life, but to make money through the process is hard. Why? I want you to understand something that when monetizing a blog, traffic is required to generate leads. Without many visitors on your blog per/day, you will not make alot of many from your blog. This can cause tiredness and frustration to abandon your blog.
Hence, all I’m trying to say is that, try to gather some visitor to your blog before trying to implement any monetization method.
I will quickly explain how to generate free traffic to your blog and make money.
1. Share every of your post to your social media handle.
2. Quora is a great website to generate free traffic, you can answer questions by reffering Quora user to your blog.
3. Comment on guru’s website by referring to your blog post that  is related to the post you’re commenting
4. Work very hard on SEO optimization.
Now, let move to the deal point.

Ways To Moneytize Your Blog and Make Money Online


Affiliate marketing is one the popular way to monetize blog and its simple and easy to use. Affiliate Marketing simply means promoting others product and earn reward/commission for every sale completed.

Some Affiliate marketing network to work with and make money online

Click bank is a very popular affiliate network based in united state. Its a company between producer and promoter. You go there to find product in which you can promote. Producer add their product and give certain commission to whom so ever sale the products.
Amazon is an America based come that focus on e-commerce. Amazon is a e commerce company where people other any kind of goods. Amazon offer affiliate program to those that are interested to promote their products.
One thing I like about Cj-panel is that they accept almost all country. The company works like clickbanks. But some countries are retreated from joining clickbanks.


The first method that every new blogger will decides to use as way of monetizing that fail them. Ad-network monetization is a way of monetizing blog through adding some AdSense code to the HTML section of your blog. It will display on your blog as banner, video, popup, sticky ad etc.
Note, you will only make few cent per month if you don’t have enough traffic to convert to leads.

Some Ad-network to work with and make money online

1. GOOGLE AdSense
This is the number one Ad network in the world. They pay and offer the biggest CPA Ad in the industry. Their policy is too complicated and they are strict on their conditions to accept new blog.
it is the second largest Ad network in the industry and they best work with e commerce or product review blog. Do be surprise if you don’t make any cent from Media.com. 
propeller ad offer pop up ad to new blog that haven’t generate minimum of 10000 unique visitors per month. But trust me when the remain ads type opened for you, you will enjoy their service. So don’t use any pop up or pop under on your because it will damage your SEO optimization.
This is a market place for advertiser and publisher. They connect both together. You must have at least 10000 unique visitors per month in your blog before they can accept your application.
 I purposely add adsterra because of new blogger. Adsterra accept everybody, be it new blogger, no minimum traffic, adult site, etc. I can say it is the best ad network for CPM offer. But you can’t make enough money using adsterra.


Freelancing ways of monetizing blog
Freelancing is another way to monetize your blog. I can’t really say about this but I know FEVERR is a freelance network everyone work with as a freelancer.
Freelancing is completing a work for someone in need and you will get paid for your work done. 

Other Ways To Monetize Your Blog

1. Lead Generation
Generate traffic to another’s person blog from your blog. 
create content for someone (freelancing)etc.

How To Maintain And Manage Your Blog

Managing and Maintaining blog is not a big deal. All needed to be done is to simply apply SEO practice and Monetize your blog. If you work well on SeO and you get it right, your monetization will yield result for you, and you will be happy. But if it goes the other way round, you will be stock in the middle of the way.
Thanks for your time , i will be looking forward for your comment below.
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