Perfume Business: Is it Lucrative? Here is how to start from scratch and make profit

Perfume: steps to start a Lucrative perfume business

Hello! Are you looking for ways to start a perfume business? or maybe you’re doubting whether it’s a lucrative business ideas.

In this article, I’ll guide you through how to start a perfume business from scratch, how to create or mix perfume, is it lucrative and other things you need to know about perfume business.

Now, let’s get started!

Perfume business is the producing and selling of  essential item that makes us smell nice. If you’re looking for a side hustle or home-based business or full time business, perfume business is the most lucrative business that fit in to those categories.

If you’re looking for ways to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home per annual, perfume business is among those that can produce a high-profit margin.

However, to earn a living doing this business is simple, with few tens or fifteens of customers, you can earn up to $100,000 per month. That’s impressing right? Continue reading to learn how you can create a perfume and start the business from scratch.

Is Perfume Business Lucrative?

Yes! Perfume business is one of the most lucrative home-based business that can made you up to $100,00 per month if you have the proper knowledge and focus.

However, there are several variables that affect perfume business profitability and profit margins. For any business that involves production, materials will be needed at a low cost, so that you can sell at a much higher cost for profit.

It’s also worth noting to account additional expenses like marketing and distribution when planning and raising startup capital for your perfume business.

Here’s guide to start a profitable perfume business from scratch.

How can I start a perfume business from scratch? Here is a tutorial on how to start a perfume business from scratch:

  • Create a business plan
  • Know your target audience
  • Produceyour perfume
  • Brandyour products
  • Finalizeyour packaging
  • Marketyour perfume to make money

Let’s get started!

Create a business plan

A business plan is the first step to take in any business. Although, it seems too professional for perfume business, but it’s a way to maximize your earning potentials.

However, creating a business plan for perfume business is not difficult. It’s just a little description of a mission statement, a statement of initial goals, a statement of 3 to 6 and 12 month plans in terms of the desired number of product to produce.

A business plan must also includes the desired number of retailers reselling the products, and the expected cash flow, as well as financial plan, such as startup capital and budgets for income, profit, and loss statements as well as cash flow forecasts.

A good business plan must consist all those factors highlighted above. However, always update and modify the business plan frequently with real data.

Know your target audience

Identifing your target audience is the next step you should take when starting up a perfume business. This simply involves knowing the types of perfumes your target market prefers.

This will help you know specifically the type of perfume that will go inline with your target market. Here are example of perfume scents you can figure out fro. your target audience:

  • floral
  • fruity aromas
  • Light
  • Strongscents
  • Elegant
  • Woodsy
  • Oriental
  • Sensual

Figuring out what your target audience prefers will enable you to create a product tailored just for them. 99.9% assurance that the product will be simpler and more affordable than attempting to create something else for them.

In addition, make sure you figure out “how much” your target audience generally spend on perfume as well. This is important for determining the market rate, and setting prices appropriately. 

It’s also essential for getting a better idea of what price rate would be the most lucrative for you.

Produce or Mix Perfume

To produce or mix or manufacture a perfume, here are steps to take:

  1. Buy perfume ingredients
  2. Create new scents
  3. Choosefancy bottle or container

Now let’s get started mixing our perfume.

Buy perfume ingredients

Basic perfume ingredients to buy includes essential oils, base oils, alcohol, scents, sea salt, black pepper, earthy vetive, glycerin and distinct water. All these ingredients are essentials for producing a perfume. How to mix perfume ingredients?

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Essential oils are mixed with base oils, alcohol, scents and water to create perfume. However, do note that ingredients you choose will affect your scent.

Do you want it to be elegant, woodsy, strong, light, oriental, floral, Jasmine, sensual or fruity? Only you have the solution, take notes of the smell as you produce to figure different scents suitable for you.

All perfumes are made up of notes, which are particular essential oils. The top notes disappear rapidly, and the middle notes soon after. The base notes complete the scent, which lingers on the skin the longest. Other ingredients such as sea salt, black pepper, and earthy vetiver, are occasionally added.

The process of producing perfume requires laboratory experimentation. Usually, the scent of a perfume is affected by the sequence in which the ingredients are mixed. 

Thus, it is crucial. Make sure to note any changes you make in the ingredients you add to the mixing because you might like the outcomes. 

You can add more water to dilute a perfume if it is too porent. Furthermore, perfume scent’s durability can be extended by adding more tablespoon of glycerin.

Create new scent

Mix of perfume is simple right? It’s been explained in the above section, and how you can note each scent it produces when mixing. So, there’s no necessary talk here, nevertheless, I will go in-depth on how to create a new scent.

To create a new perfume scent, you’ll need to learn perfume formulas. But if you’re aren’t interested in that, you can simply create a new scent by blending little essential oils in your favorite scents mixing.

Start mixing different scents in a different container, take notes as you produce, and select a couple of your favorite blends to mass-produce via trial.

Helpful tips: You can invite your friends and family to check out your scents mixed and provide you with helpful feedbacks.

Choose fancy bottle or container

Choosing a fancy perfume bottle or container is one of the crucial items that increase sales. To make your fragrance stand out, it’s essential to choose a memorable and distinctive containers.

The smell of a perfume never sells by itself. If it does, no fancy bottles or containers or particular advertisements would be required to maximize sales and generate income.

Take for instance, the most expensive perfume in the world which cost $200,000 carries a crystal bottle, and this bottle is made up of diamonds.

Hence, choosing a nice bottle and label for your perfume will help increase sales and maximize your earning potentials.

Brand your products

Brand your product means choose a unique and memorable name for your perfume. For perfume marketing to be effective and to increase sales, a memorable brand name is crucial.

Furthermore, you’ll also need to get the necessary business permits of your country and register your brand name with the relevant authorities.

For instance, if you’re in Nigeria, you can head over to corperate affairs commission (C.A.C) website to register your startup name or company online.

In summary, branding your perfume business to stand among competitive scents is important to building your new brand. Many perfumes share similar scents and component profiles.

However, your brand will stand out from other competitors because of its unique name and lebel on the bottle.

Finalize your packaging

The packaging you choose should go well with the kind of perfume you produce. Final packaging must include a memorable and unique name, a fancy bottle, lebel and Goodies bags.

Furthermore, create additional packaging needed for your perfume to be a finished Goods. These includes boxes, bags, or another outside wrapping. 

Locate wholesalers for these packaging items, make pricing inquiries, and then place purchases. A luxurious packaging will let customers buy a perfume that costs more than the average price.

Market your perfume to make money

To make money from your products is essential right? Once it’s manufactured, the next steps is to begin selling it for money. Now, let’s get into how you can make money selling perfume.

Here’s how to market your perfume:

  • Partner with other perform manufacturer
  • Utilize influencer marketing
  • Buildonline store
  • Starta review blog
  • Engagein Social Media Marketing
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Although, there are lots of marketing strategies you can use to promote your perfume business, but I’ve curated the best five methods you can use to maximize your earning potentials.

Ways to promote perfume nusiness

Here are ways to promote or market your perfume business to make sales:


Here, you’ll need to partner with other manufacturer to make your perfume line’s final selections in large quantities. In the deal, discuss price, minimum orders, cost per order, and packaging costs.

Packaging: Yes! some partner may prefer to give it their packaging, lebel and brand name. You just need to produce the products. That’s cools right? It’ll save you cost of brand registration and maybe bottle expenses.

However, before you come up with a contract, ensure that the deal addresses your business needs. It must be deals that will boost your business growth and includes a clause that allows for contract expansion as sales and demand rise.

Influencers marketing

This is another effective ways to increase sales for perfume business. Deals with influencers like reviewers, bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers (like YouTubers, TikTokers and Instagram Influencers) to help your promote your perfume to their followers.

You won’t believe the amount of power specific online influencers can exert. Influencers marketing can definitely shape public opinion towrad your products.

Additionally, you can pay influencers who are popular with your target market to write reviews of your perfume. Here, you’ll provide free samples of your perfumes so they can test and review them with their followers.

Build online store

To partner with influencers or you makert your perfume anywhere online, you’ll need to build an online store where people can purchase your products.

Hence, this is essential in marketing strategies for your perfume business. To build an online store, you can use platform like Shopify.

If you’re a good web designer, you can build your online store from scratch using website builder like WordPress, Wix e.t.c.

In summary, build an online store for your perfume business will help customers locate your products and place order so easily with simple integrated payment options.

Start a review blog

Once you’ve built an online store that showcases your perfume, you can create a review-blog and write a review about the importance of your products. How they’re better than other, and why people should use them.

To be successful using this marketing strategy, you’ll need to build a blogging website on platform like WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot.

You’ll also need to practice basic search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) and Email Marketing. You’ll also need to build stronger audience through these means for new products in the future.

Social media marketing

If you have a large followers on social media platforms, you can introduce your perfume business to them. This is called social networking.

Social media marketing can be a great ways to boost sales and maximize your passive income potentials.

Like I said earlier that there are many ways to promote perfume business, here are five. However, you can learn more on how to promote hand made products online. It’s free and easy.

FAQs on perfume business

Here are frequently asked questions on perfume business:

How much do I need to start my own perfume business?

You’ll have to raise N30,000 to N100,000 startup capital to fund your perfume business. However, this is due to how big and professional you want it to be. It might cost more than that.

Is the perfume business profitable?

Yes! Because Perfume is one of the most lucrative product in the world. Almost every VIP uses perfume to smell nice. Hence, perfume industry is one the very profitable industries to dive into.


Thanks for reading my “Perfume Business: is it profitable? How to start a perfume business from scratch”. I hope you’ve learned one or two?

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section and follow us on our social media platforms. Also subscribe to our free Newsletter to get our making money scoops and updates directly in your inbox.

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