How To Recharge DSTV and GoTV Using PalmPay

TV cables subscription using PalmPay

Are you looking for best way to recharge or subscribe to your GoTV and DSTV decoder at Home or in office? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Today, I’m going to explain how you can easily and conveniently roload your TV cable subscription using Palmpay.

PalmPay is a mobile payment app that let users carry-out banking services from the comfort of their home using their internet-connected smartphone. The payment app also let users earn reward whenever they complete a task.

Services offers by Palmpay includes bills payment (such as recharging DSTV and GoTV), airtime and data top-up (VTU), money transfer, virtual account number and wallet e.t.c. 

The PalmPay mobile application is available for download on popular app stores like Google play store and Apple app store. To subscribe GOTV and DSTV using Palmpay, you need to download the app and register an account using your mobile number and email address.

However, to have full access to all Palmpay features, you may be required to complete KYC verification – you’ll submit your proof of national Identity such as NIN, proof of residency such as Electricity bill or bank statement, your Bank verification number (BVN), selfie of yourself and verify your email address.

Once you are able to complete all those requirements, your Palmpay account will be upgraded to Tier 3, and you will be able to carry out any transactions on the app including recharging of DSTV and GoTV.

LSS, let’s get started! Follow the below instructions to successfully recharge your DSTV or GOTV decoder with Palmpay Bill Payment App.

How to Recharge/Subscribe DSTV or GOTV using PalmPay

Follow the below steps to recharge your DSTV and GoTV subscription using PalmPay.

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1. Create PalmPay Account

First of all, to use PalmPay to recharge your Cable TV, you need to have an account. To register an account, download the PalmPay mobile app on your favorite app store. I use Google play store and iOS app store.

Once you’ve successfully completed the account registration, then you can complete your KYC. After that, you can continue with your bill payment. However, if you already have Palmpay account, proceed to next step.

2. Fund your PalmPay Wallet

This part is very essential. You need to add money to your Palmpay Mobile wallet before you can be able to carryout any transactions on the payment app. To fund your wallet is simple – you can add money to your Palmpay account via local bank transfer, mobile money agents, bank deposit, another PalmPay users, Debit/Credit Card e.t.c.

3. Make Payment

To pay for GoTV and DSTV on PalmPay, tap on “Pay bills” tab on the dashboard, then “TV“. Click on the drop-down menu titled “Biller“. You’ll see TV cables and streaming services that are available for subscription, scroll down to see DSTV or GOTV. I’ll use DSTV in this article.

Next, tap on DSTV and tap on the drop-down menu titled “Payment Items” under Digital Satellite Television (DSTv) – to choose subscription package to want to recharge.

Once you’ve selected your favorite package, then input your decoder smart card number, then tap on “Next“. It’s the same process for GOTV. Now, you’ll want to confirm your order, then click on “PAY“.

You may need to wait for maximum of 5 minutes before your TV cable come live. That’s just the simple methods to recharge DSTV and GoTV subscription plan using PalmPay.

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However, GoTV and DSTV are not the only TV cables available for recharge on PalmPay. There are lots of Cables and streaming services on the payment app. Learn more below.

List of TV cables and streaming services available on PalmPay

Here are the TV cables and streaming services that can be recharge/subscribe using PalmPay:

  • ShowMax
  • StarTimes
  • Box Office
  • DSTV
  • GOTV
  • iRoko TV
  • Play TV
  • TSTV
  • Trend TV
  • PPTV
  • MDSP
  • MCTV
  • MyTV
  • LindaIkeji TV
  • Kwese TV
  • Infinity TV
  • ACTV

Benefit of Using PalmPay to Recharge DSTV and GoTV

If you recharge your DSTV or GOTV decoder using PalmPay app, you’ll get 5% cashbacks on any subscription plans you purchased. This offer is not only limited to one time payment, you’ll always get this cashbacks everytime you subscribe using the payment app.

PalmPay customer care contact information

If possible you encounter any issues when recharging your DSTV or GOTV subscription via PalmPay app, you can contact the PalmPay customer care representative via the below channels:

  • Phone: 018886888
  • Email: support@palmpay.com

You can also contact PalmPay customer care via the in-app chat widget. To do that, tap on profile icon at the button of your dashboard, then click on “Help and Feedback“.


I believed you’ve learned one or two? Now, you should be able to recharge/subscribe your DSTV and GoTV decoder using PalmPay app. If you still don’t get it you have other related question, please share it with us using the comments box below.

Thanks for reading, please share this article and come back for more. Cheers!

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