How to get Zenith Bank Virtual Card In-app, Online, and via USSD

Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Zenith Bank Virtual Card is an online card that enables you to carryout both international and local online transactions. If you’re looking out for a save and convenient way to do web transactions, shop online or pay bills, Zenith Bank Virtual Dollar Card should be in the list of your consideration.

In other words, Zenith Virtual Dollar Card can be to make payment anywhere VISA and MasterCard is accepted online. In here, I’ll explore everything you need to know about Zenith Bank Virtual Card, How it actually works, Features, Card Limits, and How to get it.

What is Zenith Bank Virtual Card?

The Zenith Bank Virtual Card is a non-plastic bank card, or an online bank card that allows Zenith Bank customers to carry-out web transactions, shop online, and pay bills both on local and international websites.

It’s a save and secure card payment options that can be obtained with visiting any Zenith Bank’s Branch. More-so, this virtual card possesses some amazing features that’ll suit your payment needs and that’s what I’ll be discussing in the sections below.

How Zenith Bank Virtual Card Works?

Zenith Bank virtual card works exactly like Zenith Bank MasterCard card or Visa card. The differences between the two cards is that the virtual dollar card is base online to carryout online transactions, while Zenith MasterCard and VISA card is a physical or plastic ATM card. It can be used be used online, in-store, and in-person (offline).

To get and use Zenith Bank Virtual Card, you will need to apply for it online. Then activate it using USSD code or via your bank app or internet banking before it works. Continue reading to learn more about Zenith Bank virtual card.

Features and Benefits of using Zenith Bank Virtual Card

It’s an easy-to-use online card that’s secure and save from Hackers. Unlike physical cards, Virtual cards cannot be misplaced or lost or stolen.

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Zenith Bank virtual card can be used to shop online, pay bills and pay for subscriptions like TV cable e.t.c. It can be used both Locally and Internationally or anywhere MasterCard/VISA card is acceptable.

How to get Zenith Bank Virtual Card

To get Zenith Bank virtual card is simple. There are two different methods to get Zenith virtual card, and they include;

  2. Zenith Bank website

Here are ways to create Zenith Bank virtual card:


To request the Zenith Bank virtual card via USSD code, dial *966*2273# on your registered mobile phone number connected with your Zenith Bank Account.

Select option “1” and follow the on-screen instructions to create your virtual card. Once the card is created, you’ll need to retrieve all the necessary card information like CVV, Expiry date, Card Numbers or PAN.

To receive card details, dial *966*2273#, and select option “2“. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your virtual card details.

To setup a security 4-digit PIN for your Zenith Bank virtual card, dial *966*2273#,.and select option “3“, then follow the on-screen instructions to create your card PIN.

Zenith Bank official website

To create a virtual card on Zenith Bank official website, you’ll have to visit Zenith Bank virtual card registration portal: “https://realtime.zenithbank.com/onlinevirtualcard“.

Next, input your “Bank Verification Numbers (BVN)” in the box provided on page, and select “Virtual Card”. Enter your mobile number and a verification code will sent to your phone.

Input the one-time-verification code in the box provided on the page, and check in the Agree to terms and conditions of the website.

Next, input your preferred 4-digit PIN, and tap on submit to complete the application. Your application will be reviewed and when approved, you’ll be given a dashboard where you can manage your virtual card.

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How to use Zenith Bank virtual card

Zenith Bank virtual card can be used to carry-out any online transactions including  e-store shopping, web transactions, online POS, pay bills, TV subscriptions, and many more.

Unlike ATM cards, Zenith Bank Virtual Card usage is entirely base online. It cannot be used in-store or at ATMs. To use virtual card online, just enter your card details (CVV, Expiry date and Card Number) and tap on “Proceed” to continue with your transactions.

However, to be successful in virtual card payment, you may be required for verification via OTP for security purposes. So, when using Zenith Bank Virtual Card online, make sure the phone number connected to your account is available.

Zenith Bank Virtual Card Limit

Zenith virtual card has a card limit of $200 per International transactions. Local transaction limits has not been disclosed. However, this information is subjected to change, you can connect Zenith customer service for latest update on card limit.


Zenith Bank Virtual Card is a great way to make local and International transactions online. It’s a save and secure payment option for shipping online, performing web transactions, and paying bills and TV subscription.

To get this virtual dollar card, visit Zenith Bank website or get it via USSD CODE using your connected mobile number. It International transactions limit is set to $200 per transaction, and it cost a one time fee of N500 to get.

In addition to advantages of Zenith Bank Virtual Card, it helps eradicate the risk of being hacked, and eliminate the risk of losing or misplaced like a plastic ATM card.

For more details and information, please feel free to use the comments section below and share this article to your social network. Enjoy using Zenith Bank Virtual Card Online, Cheers!

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