How to Pay M-pesa International Money Transfer

M-pesa International Money Transfer (IMT)

M-pesa Global is a product of Safaricom M-pesa that allows International Money Transfer possible and easy for M-pesa customers. With M-pesa Global, you can send money abroad seamlessly and without hassles.

M-pesa is a payment service of Safaricom, a mobile network operator company that’s based in Kenya. Safaricom has patterned with several money transfer platforms both home and abroad to make sending and receiving of money easy, reliable and seamless for M-pesa users.

Furthermore, M-pesa Global is an international mobile transfer service that allows M-pesa users to send and receive money from abroad. That’s, with M-pesa, you can send money to people’s phone number anywhere in the world.

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In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of sending money abroad and the process of receiving international money transfer using M-pesa. Now, let’s dive in without Foda-ado.

How to Send Money Abroad in Kenya using M-pesa

Follow these steps to send money internationally using M-pesa Global:

  • Launch and open the M-pesa app. If you don’t have an account, you can download the app on your phone”s app store to register an account.
  • Login to your M-pesa Account.
  • Next, select Transact under the Navigation Menu
  • Next, tap on Global >> Continue.
  • Input Recipient’s M-pesa Number (Note, the person must be using M-pesa).
  • Input Amount and enter your M-pesa PIN.
  • Now, tap SEND

You’ve successfully completed an international money transfer via M-pesa Global. Once your transfer is confirmed, you will receive a successful opt-in SMS from Safaricom.

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Additionally, it’s important to let you know that you can also carryout the international money transfer through USSD. Here’s how;

  • Dial *334# on your M-pesa registered mobile number.
  • Choose Send Money option and select M-pesa Global.
  • Input Recipient’s M-pesa Number and also input the Amount you wish to send.
  • Accept M-pesa USSD payment terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Now, input your M-pesa Account PIN to authorized the transaction.

Furthermore, it’s also important to let you know that there are some limitations and requirements for M-pesa International Money Transfer. Although, all users are eligible to send money abroad, but it’s only available to some country including Rwanda, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Pakistan , Botswana, Malawi, and Burundi.

How to Receive M-pesa International Money Transfer in Kenya

To receive international money transfer in your M-pesa Account is simple. Follow these steps to successfully send money to M-pesa from abroad.

  • Tell your sender to visit any Safaricom IMT partner in his/her location.
  • Give your M-pesa Kenya Number to the sender. He/she will provide the mobile number to the IMT agent.
  • The IMT agent will transfer fund to the M-pesa Account in Kenya and your sender will pay in cash.
  • Money transfer via Safaricom IMT partners abroad will be instantly credited to your M-pesa Wallet.

That’s just the simple process to send international money transfer to M-pesa in Kenya. However, who are the Safaricom IMT partners we’re talking about? They are authorized and licensed International Money Transfer Firms that Safaricom has partnered with to make cross border remittance seamless for it customers.

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These partners are: Xpress Money, WorldRemit, Mapex, Western Union, SkyForex, mHints, Skrill IT, and PsotFinance.

No matter where you are under the sun, you’ll definitely find one of these M-pesa International Money Transfer Partners in your location. The most interesting aspect of it is that, your money sender does not have to be a registered M-pesa user before he/she can send money to you in Kenya.


Sending Money to M-pesa from Abroad can be done through International Money Transfer (IMT) partners. All you have to do is walk to any IMT agent abroad, tell the agent that you want to send money to Kenya through M-pesa, deposit cash and drop recipient’s M-pesa phone number and the agent will instantly transfer your fund.

Additionally, make sure you collect transaction receipt for any future references and tracking. I hope you enjoyed this article, please join our exclusive community for free to stay updated on our latest insights.

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