Is Nairaland Forum Hacked? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Nairaland is down

Lagos Nigeria, December 19, 2023. Nairaland, the largest forum in Africa, is down. This was lately announced by it founder, Seun Osewa via his Twitter handle on 18th of December 2023. With the initial announcement, we thought it’s something minor, but with the look of things, it is becoming a hack.

An unscheduled maintenance operation by our host has led to downtime on Nairaland. We are working on it with them but it may take a while to restore it.

— Seun Osewa ???????? (@seunosewa) December 18, 2023

Few hours later, another announcement was posted by Seun informing Nairaland’s users that “Nairaland isn’t coming back today……. I’m begging them” “Even tommorow is not sure”.

I’m sorry guys.
Nairaland isn’t coming back today.
It’s a human issue, not a technical issue.
This did not need to happen at all.
A little oversight caused this.
I’m begging them.

— Seun Osewa ???????? (@seunosewa) December 18, 2023

Is Nairaland Hacked?

Seun Osewa, the Founder and CEO of Nairaland took to Twitter to inform users about the downtime of the forum which was, according to him, caused by the “overlooked of an abuse report” that was originally sent by his hosting company on 14th of December, 2023.

Nairaland’s server was taken down because I overlooked an abuse report that was originally sent on the 14th. After the takedown, I removed the offensive content.

The UI for bringing back the server didn’t work so it took hours to get support on how to get that done. Minutes…

— Seun Osewa ???????? (@seunosewa) December 19, 2023

He later replied to his own tweet, he sighted that he actually got reply from the hosting company. According to Seun, the hosting provider said “only the abuse team has the power to reinstate the server, however, the review could take up to 48 hours, and nothing can be done to speed up the process.”

The technical support team has informed me that only the abuse team has the power to reinstate our server, that their review could take up to 48 hours, and that nothing can be done to speed up the process.
I’ve been informed that the only thing I can do is wait. It’s humbling.

— Seun Osewa ???????? (@seunosewa) December 19, 2023

Hence, we are certainly not sure whether Nairaland Forum is hacked or not. Who knows, it could be some sort of ransom demands from a hidden groups of hackivist.

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However, all we can say is “be patient and humble ourselves till we get another report from the hosting provider in the next 48 hours” You can follow this trends in our Twitter page or join our WhatsApp Channel.

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