How to Change NHIF Hospital Online in Kenya

NHIF Outpatient Facility Headquarter, Kenya

Selecting or changing NHIF hospital or outpatient facility in Kenya is a simple task to perform. In this article, we will be teaching how to change NHIF hospital online using two methods: phone selfcare app and NHIF online portal.

However, as a bonus tips to “how do I change my NHIF hospital online,” we will add the SMS methods, otherwise known as *155# NHIF USSD code.


National Health Insurance Fund, NHIF, is one of the government agencies in Kenya that focuses on health matters. The agency make sure that affordable health insurance are provided to the citizens without hassles.

In a move to digitized payment for all government services in Kenya and to make life easy by providing easy access to these services, the authority decided to introduce eCitizen Digital Payment.

The development, eCitizen Digital Payments, has impacted NHIF severally in the sense that the agency has to adhere to the new directive by launching a new NHIF 222222 PayBill payment method which allows contributors to pay for NHIF services in Kenya via M-Pesa and other options.

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In essence, NHIF has been catering to in and outpatient hospital bills in Kenya, depending on the set terms and conditions, since it’s incepted under the National Health Insurance Act, Cap 395 in 1966.


In addition to government’s effort to making life easy for all Kenyans, NHIF hospital selection/changing process has been made simple and easy through allowing you to do it online, in-app and via SMS.

NHIF Hospital Selection

The National Health Insurance Fund allows you to changes to your preferred NHIF hospitals quarterly if you’re a super cover members (I.e, March, June, September, and December).

However, if you’re a government worker in Job group A to K, you can only change your NHIF hospitals biannually.

selecting or changing your NHIF Hospital Guidelines

In the past years, NHIF’s members/contributors can only change to their preferred outpatient hospital facilities manually. But today, thanks to government’s effort, changes can be made online via NHIF self-care portal, in-app via NHIF self-care app and SMS via *155# USSD code.

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How to Change NHIF Hospital Online

The NHIF self-care online portal allows you to select new or change outpatient facility for yourself and your dependants without visiting any NHIF office.


Follow these steps to change to your preferred NHIF hospital online:

  • Go-tonhifcare.co.ke/landing/ on your device’s browser or click here: self-care portal.
  • Tap on “Login Now
  • Input your “NHIFM-ID“, otherwise your National ID Card Number
  • Tap on Continue to send an OTP verification code
  • Confirm the OTP and Input it to verify your Identity.
  • Once you get into the NHIF dashboard, tap on “Change Outpatient Facility
  • Instead, if you’re new and just want to select a hospital facility, tap on “Choose Outpatient Facility
  • Lastly, you can Change NHIF Hospital Online for yourself and all your registered dependants.

We hope you find this method helpful? Now, let’s dive into the next method (self-care app) of changing NHIF’s outpatient hospital.

How to Change NHIF Hospital In-app

Follow these steps to change your NHIF hospital to preferred outpatient facility using the self-care phone app:


  • First of all, you need to install the NHIF self-care app on your phone’s app store (I.e Google Play Store or Apple app store).
  • Launch the application and tap on “Other Services”
  • Input your NHIFM-ID or National ID Number
  • Next, request for OTP. It will be sent to your NHIF registration phone number
  • Confirm the code by inputting it to initiate Login
  • Once you’ve successfully logged in, tap on “Change Outpatient Facility” to change and “Choose Outpatient Facility” to select your preferred NHIF hospital.

This method is quite simple but similar to changing outpatient facility via NHIF self-care online portal. The self-care app can also be used to change hospital for your all your registered dependants.

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How to Change NHIF Facility via SMS

To change NHIF hospital via SMS;

  • Dial *155# on your NHIF registered phone number.
  • Choose your preferred language, I.e English or Kiswahili.
  • Enter your NHIFM-ID or National ID Number
  • Choose “Change Outpatient Facility” to change or “Choose Outpatient Facility” to select your preferred hospital.
  • Next, follow the coming prompts to select your preferred healthcare facility from the list that will provided.


Changing your preferred outpatient hospital under NHIF in Kenya is now easier than ever, thanks to various digital options. Gone are the days of physical visits and forms, choosing or changing to your preferred healthcare facility has now been seamless through your phone, tablet, or even a basic feature SMS.


Here’s a quick recap of your options:

USSD Code (*155#): Simple and accessible, dial this code on your phone, follow the prompts, and select your preferred facility.

My NHIF App: Download the app from app stores, register, and navigate to the facility selection feature. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and manage your NHIF account on the go.

NHIF Selfcare Portal: Access the portal on the NHIF website, log in with your credentials, and update your preferred hospital from the dedicated section.

However, you must keep in mind that NHIF Outpatient facility can only be changed every quarter of the year (January, April, July, October).


Additionally, you should choose a hospital within your county for immediate benefit access. Also ensure your NHIF registered phone number is updated for receiving confirmation messages.

With these convenient online options, you can now manage your NHIF benefits and healthcare choices with ease. Enjoy the flexibility and transparency of digital services, and focus on what matters most – your well-being.

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