Moniepoint POS Price & Charges & Commisions


Moniepoint POS Price Commission and charges

Moniepoint POS Price, Charges, Daily Target and Commission Plans

As a savvy business owner considering Moniepoint’s POS system, understanding its pricing structure, charges, daily targets, and commission plans is crucial for informed decision-making.

This article’s section demystifies and highlights Moniepoint POS transaction charges, withdrawal charges, price, daily charges and commission plans.

Moniepoint POS Machine Price

To acquire your Moniepoint POS terminal, you’ll pay a one-time fee of N21,500. This covers the cost of the device itself (N10,000), logistics (N10,000), and one year of insurance (N1,500).

Transaction Charges

Moniepoint Charges: For each successful transaction processed through your POS, Moniepoint deducts N20 as their fee.

Bill Charges: For airtime, they charge 2% for all networks. There is no charge placed on bill payments.

Network Charges: Additional network charges may apply depending on the card type used for the transaction. These charges are set by the card networks (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and are beyond Moniepoint’s control.

Withdrawal Charges: Moniepoint charges a flat rate 0.5% of the transaction amount for withdrawals between N1 to N20,000.

Stamp Duty Fees: As mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Moniepoint will deduct N50 on every N10,000 received on the POS terminal.

Daily Targets and Commission Plans

Moniepoint gives a POS cashback of up to N20 on withdrawals and N5 on transfers as a commission plan for POS agent.

However, Moniepoint daily target still remain at N80,000 minimum transaction per day. “we encourage you to process a minimum of N80,000 in transactions daily. If your POS can’t hit this target, it is considered underperforming and you risk it being reassigned,” said Moniepoint.

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