NIMC suspends Third-Party Agents from NIN Enrollments

Nimc suspends agents enrollment of NIN

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has temporarily suspended third-party agents from enrolling citizens for National Identification Number (NIN). This unexpected move comes just two months before the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) January 31st deadline for mandatory BVN and NIN revalidation, which has Nigerians racing to get registered.

Director-General of NIMC, Abisoye Coker-Odusote, announced the suspension at a training session for revalidated Front-End Partners (FEPs) – the third-party agencies previously authorized to conduct NIN enrollments. The decision, he emphasized, isn’t a crackdown on FEPs but a crucial step towards safeguarding the integrity of Nigeria’s national identity database.

“This temporary suspension allows us to conduct a thorough audit of claims made by FEPs,” Coker-Odusote explained. “We need to ensure compliance with data security standards and address any outstanding debts owed by these agents.”

However, the suspension has raised concerns amidst the looming CBN deadline. With time ticking, concerns about how the suspension will impact registration volume and accessibility are surfacing.

Meanwhile, NIMC assures the public that direct enrollment at NIMC-designated centers will remain uninterrupted. They’ve also promised a swift resolution of the audit, with FEPs potentially resuming operations before the January 31st deadline.

“We understand the urgency of the CBN directive,” Coker-Odusote stated. “This temporary measure is not meant to impede but to strengthen the NIN registration process. Our goal is to create a robust and reliable identity system for all Nigerians.”

In addition, recall that the CBN’s directive includes placing all bank accounts without BVN and NIN on “Post no Debit” effective April 2024. This means if you don’t validate your bank account before the CBN’s due date, a restriction will be impose by banks on your bank accounts, preventing you from making withdrawals, transfers, or any other debits from the account.

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