Jumia Voucher Code: Everything you should know


Jumia still remains one of the biggest ecommerce stores in Nigeria and they’ve held that top position for a while. You think I’m lying? okay, check this article to see Top online stores in Nigeria by revenue, you’d see that Jumia.com.ng leads the Nigeria ecommerce market with revenues of US$29.9 million in 2022. 

As a top store, one of their marketing campaigns has always being it’s Voucher code. Voucher codes are alphanumeric codes that offer customers a discount on the amount they would normally pay for a product on Jumia store. 

List of Latest Jumia voucher codes 

Here are the list of the Jumia vouchers that will work for you in 2024.

Voucher code Category applicable Voucher bonus
MAYDECOR Decor and Interior 10% off capped at NGN 1000
MAYGAMES Games 10% off capped at NGN 1000
MAYDRESS Dress 10% off capped at NGN 1000
MAYSHIRT Shirt 10% off capped at NGN 1000
MAYTOYS Toys 10% off capped at NGN 1000

How to Use the Jumia voucher codes

Hey there! So you like free things, yeah? Well, I do to. Pretty much everyone does. The Jumia voucher codes are not really hard to use. I’d show you how. 

Know the Jumia voucher code category

To use the Jumia voucher code, the first thing you need to know is the codes category. Voucher codes usually apply to a particular category and if you use them for a different category, you wouldn’t get the expected discount on your purchase.

Shop for lovely items

Once you’ve known the category, the next step is to shop!

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Add related items to your cart and checkout

Fill your carts with all the lovely Jumia products you wish to buy.

Add a the items to your cart and on checkout, apply the voucher code to get a bonus


Jumia voucher codes are awesome! I’m this article, I’ve show you how to use the Jumia voucher codes and also given you a list of voucher codes you can use today!
What are you waiting for? Head to Jumia.com.ng and start shopping?
Do you have any questions or is nothing clear about this? Drop a comment and I’d assist you. Also, what are your thoughts on the article? I’d love to hear it!

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