NCC Mediates Resolution Between Globacom and MTN, Agreement Reached

Hand Shake settlement between MTN and GLO

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced Wednesday that it has successfully mediated an agreement between mobile network operators Globacom and MTN regarding a recent interconnection debts.

The two companies had been at odds over interconnection debts, which former development was to disconnect GLO users from calling MTN Users.

“We are pleased to announce that Globacom and MTN have reached an amicable agreement under the auspices of the NCC,” said Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Muoka. “The Commission has put the phased disconnection on hold for a period of 21 (twenty-one) days from today, 17 January 2024.”

However, within this given periods, Globacom is expected to pay the interconnect debts to MTN. In the former development, if GLO customers were disconnected, they will not be able to call MTN customers but can can receive inbound calls from MTN customers.

Telecoms Interconnect Rate (TIR) is the amount of fees charged for calls terminating on each other networks. For instance, if a call originates from MTN network, and ends on GLO network, what MTN pays GLO for terminating the call is the interconnect rate.

This development will come as a relief to millions of Nigerians who rely on both Globacom and MTN for their mobile communication needs. The resolution of the dispute will contribute to a more stable and competitive telecom environment in Nigeria. Meanwhile, GLO is expected to settle the interconnect debts before the given time.

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